Nyan Cat FLY!

Guide Nyan Cat through the galaxy in his never-ending quest for YUMMIES! Eat yummies! Avoid veggies! Get a high score! Customize your Nyan Cat!

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Up/Down to Move
Eat Yummies; Avoid Veggies
Shift+M: Toggle Audio

Type any of the following codes on the keyboard while in any of the game's front-end menus.
FunkyFace: Modifies the bottom-screen text notifications in game
OmNomNomable: Changes "Nyans" to "Noms" in gameplay
VertigoKitty: Flips the galaxy upside-down
ColdWintersDay: Makes Nyan Cat move slowly from lane to lane
DownInFront: Moves Nyan Cat far up the screen
SnookiesCookies: Changes the word "cookies" to "Snookies" in the text notifications
ReverseEngineering: Reverses the galaxy horizontally, and inverts the rainbow trail
TastingTheRainbow: Reverses Nyan Cat
NyanCatMarch: Replaces bottom-screen text notifications with a parade of Nyan Cats
UseYourWhiskers: Disables the HUD
Leprechaunitis: Disables Nyan Cat's rainbow
CatBreadForTheWin: Replaces all yummies with Cat Bread!
InvisibilityCloak: Makes Nyan Cat completely invisible
BlackAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely black
WhiteAlbum: Makes Nyan Cat completely white
DreamsComeTrue: Makes Nyan Cat flash rainbow colors
SummerNyan: Turns Nyan Cat into a watermelon
ChocoKittyTart: Makes a Chocolate Pop-Tart Themed Nyan Cat
YouLookLikeAPopTart: Makes Nyan Cat white, pink and purple
NyanOLantern: Makes Nyan Cat Hallowe'en-Themed
NyanFisher: Makes Nyan Cat stealth themed (a la Sam Fisher)
GGGGhostNyan: Makes Nyan Cat transparent
NyanTheDarkLord: Makes Nyan Cat black and glow red. Red glow is retained after reloading the game, black is not.
NyanStamp: Embosses Nyan Cat
ForgotMyGlasses: Makes Nyan Cat blurry and nearly invisible
DivideByZero: Makes Nyan Cat invert the color of whatever is behind it