Card Games

  1. Crescent Solitaire 2Crescent Solitaire 2Whom normal Solitaire has become boring, which is the right place at Crescent Solitaire.
  2. Duchess TripeaksDuchess TripeaksThis is a fun tripeaks solitaire game with 20 unique card layouts to beat.
  3. Gaps SolitaireGaps SolitaireAn addictive card game where you have to sort the entire card deck on number (2-K) and colors.
  4. Golden Spider SolitaireGolden Spider SolitaireReorder cards in tableau so as to build them down the ranks.
  5. Pirate SolitairePirate SolitaireProbably you play spider solitaire many times, so if it is your favorite solitaire game - also no doubt you'll like Pirates Solitaire.
  6. Scarab SolitaireScarab SolitaireRelease the three blue Scarab cards at the top of the three Pyramids.
  7. Sheriff TripeaksSheriff TripeaksEarn your gold stars in this addictive, high stakes version of the classic Solitaire card game.
  8. Solitaire GolfSolitaire GolfCards are arranged in 7 columns of 5 cards each.
  9. Solitaire TowerSolitaire TowerIn Solitaire Tower, cards are arranged in a pyramid above the foundation.
  10. Speed SolitaireSpeed SolitaireThe old, simple game of Solitaire has been given in this fast paced version of the popular card game.
  11. Sunny Park SolitaireSunny Park SolitaireClear cards by matching a pair of cards with the same value.
  12. Texas Hold 'em PokerTexas Hold 'em PokerPlay no-limit Texas Hold 'em poker in a 3D first-person perspective against one of three sophisticated AI opponents.
  13. Tripeaks Bahamas SolitaireTripeaks Bahamas SolitaireCare for a relaxing game of solitaire in the Bahamas? Play on!
  14. Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks ManiaRemove all the cards by selecting cards that are 1 higher or 1 lower then the top card on the stack.