Ragdoll Maze Flight

Fly inside maze, avoid obstacles and try to stay on the screen as long as you can.
Collect stars to activate the Space Mode, where all the obstacles disappear.
Upgrade dude skills to get more scores.

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Use the mouse to move dude around.
Click the mouse to teleport.

First upgrade the Teleport. Then upgrade the Slowdown.
Collect the stars in a row, one after another, without passing them.
Make several combos in a row.

Menu Hotkeys:
F1 - show/hide the Help screen;
F2 - show/hide the game credits screen;
F3 - visit online games site www.MoarGaems.com;
F4 - show online Scores;
F5 - play the game;
F6 - show/hide Upgrades;
F7 - show/hide Badges;