Boxhead: Zombie Wars

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is the 5th game in the series. It comes with new graphics, new enemies (lots of them) and Zombie Wars brings a new feature to the series. Now you can construct your own base with turrets and barricades. In this mode you will be required to keep your base operational at all times otherwise the might of the Zombies and their allies will crush you.

Jon Bambo is the star of this game and he is alone. Equipped with an awesome arsenal of weapons including the new minigun, placeable turrets and airstrikes, he will need to use these wisely as the enemy has multiplied 10 fold and are harder than ever.

Tips and Tricks
Zombies and Devils are back from the previous versions, but watch out, Boxhead: The Zombie Wars has some newcomers. Runners are zombies that will run after you when the get you in their sights. Mummies spring from the ground and attack. Vampires turn into bats and will appear right next to you, be careful, they are very dangerous.

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Movement: 'the arrow keys'
Shoot: 'Space bar'
Next/Prev Weapon: 'Z'/'X'
Select weapon directly: 'Number Keys'

All keys are redefinable in Level selection screen with config.

Also to pause the game is 'P'.

Show profiler: SHIFT-CONTROL-Insert
Scroll screen: SHIFT-CONTROL-Arrows
Reset scroll position: SHIFT-CONTROL-Home
Hud on/off: SHIFT-CONTROL-Pageup